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Professional Education 

Karrie Page is a co-founder and instructor with The Functional Foundation Training Institute (FFTI) which offers the following professional training opportunities. 


Orofacial Rest Posture Program Canada (ORPP Canada).  

  • A 28 hour orofacial myofunctional training course which qualifies therapists to begin their certification with the International Association of Orofacial Myology

  • ORPP Canada has been providing hands on training opportunities since 2008.  

  • High quality, functional and effective education for speech-language pathologists, orthodontists, dentists and registered dental hygienists. 

  • Applicable, functional, "use it tomorrow" information for the ever busy clinician.

  • ORPP Canada form, assessment and treatment resources included - we have done the leg work so you don't have to!

  • All courses are offered via Zoom. 

  • Course offered only twice a year (spring and winter sessions) check the FFTI website for upcoming dates and registration

The M3 Program: Mindful Myo and Manual Therapy Introductory Course

  • A full day of hands on in person learning focusing on the role of myofunctional therapy and manual therapy in tethered oral tissues.  

  • Learn about orofacial myofunctional disorders 

  • Review tethered oral tissues, specifically restricted lingual mobility

  • Understand the myofascial system and cranial bone connection with oral ties

  • Step through an adult case study to help you become confident to therapeutically screen myofunctional concerns and address tissues within your scope to know when to refer and who to refer to!

  • Next course is April 20, 2024 in Calgary, Alberta join us

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