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Community Education

Tip of the Tongue loves to share knowledge and clinical tips and tricks with our community.  Come and join us for an upcoming seminar.  Registration required.

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Upcoming Education Sessions

The Mama Circle: Community Partnership for Education and Connection 

  • A multi-clinic collaboration to provide community education and empowerment on all things motherhood.  Relax, learn and connect with community professionals to havee all your questions answered and be guided to the resources you need.  Watch for upcoming sessions @tipofthetonguerd.  Sessions are held at Solorzano Spa Cafe & Wine Bar

Tongue Tie Connecting the Dots: The Role of the Tongue with Speech, Feeding, Sleep and Dental Development from Infants to Adults. 

  • Hearing a lot of talk about tongue tie and not sure what to think?  Come and join us for this session.  We will step you through what at tongue tie is and how reduced tongue range of motion can impact speech, eating, sleep, dental development and orthodontic success.  We will explain proper oreal resting posture and the impact across the ages from infancy to adulthood.  We will also discuss the importance of a functional assessment and pre and post release therapy. 

Latch Lessons: Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

  • Although breastfeeding is a natural process it is not necessarily instinctual - it is okay to be thinking "will I know what to do?"  Some of the potential issues and concerns with breastfeeding can be addressed before baby arrives.  This session is geared to set you up for success with the knowledge and skills of what is "normal" and what might be some red flags that you need extra support.  We will review the most common areas of concern such as breast anatomy, milk production, latch and positioning and tongue tie.  We invite you to join us for this session any time during pregnancy.  Don't see a group education session offered when it works for you?  No problem, contact us to schedule a 1:1 education session. 

The Fourth Trimester: From Womb to World Healing and Wholeness in the 4th Trimester

  • Are you a new mama or a mama to be?  Come and join us for this evening session to help educate, empower and support you into your motherhood journey.  Whether you are a first time mama or an experienced mama you will be sure to learn and get some tips for all things pelvic health, mental health and lactation.  Come and join Nicole Schmitt (Elle Physiotherapy), Cara McGinnis (Mental Health Counsellor) and Karrie Page (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Speech Language Pathologist) for a night to get your questions answered.  Registration at

Special Requests?

Have an idea for a group education session or community collaboration?  We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.  Let's connect.  


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