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Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Lactation Support
Happy Baby. Happy Mama. Happy Family. 

The breastfeeding relationship is natural but it isn't always naturally easy.  I would love to meet with you before or after your little one arrives to help set you both up for success.  Research shows that the number one factor that impacts the success of breastfeeding is education.  My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to embrace parenthood with confidence from the day your little one arrives.   Although breastfeeding is a natural process it is not necessarily instinctual- it is okay to be thinking "will I know what to do?"  So many new mamas struggle with breastfeeding - my goal is to help set you up for success to know what is "normal" and when you might need some further guidance and support.   

Tip of the Tongue offers the following lactation support options:

1. ​Private 1:1 In Clinic Consultation:

Whether you just want reassurance that everything is going well or if you have questions/concerns that have come up since your little one has arrived home, I am here to help.  Sessions will take place in our welcoming clinic and will include:

  • Review of comprehensive history, current feeding practices and present concerns

  • Review your goals for breastfeeding

  • Infant oral anatomy and function assessment

  • Tethered oral tissue screening (tongue, lip and buccal ties)

  • Observation of feeding

  • Counselling, education and support will be provided for troubleshooting common issues such as:

    • Latch and Positioning

    • Breast or nipple pain​

    • Concerns regarding milk supply​

  • Referrals to other practitioners will be provided when indicated (i.e., physician, naturopathic doctor, registered dietician, osteopath,  ​ physical therapist, chiropractor, dentist, massage therapist etc.) to ensure a comprehensive team approach 

  • Consultation consists of approximately a 90 minute appointment 

  • Insurance coverage is available to those with extended health benefit plans.


2. Latch Lessons- Breastfeeding Preparation, Education and Empowerment Sessions for Expecting Mamas

Some of the potential issues and concerns with breastfeeding can be addressed before baby arrives.  This session is geared to empower you with knowledge and confidence for breastfeeding before your baby arrives. 

  • 1 hour education session to provide education regarding basic anatomy, physiology of the breasts, mechanisms of lactation and to address any questions or concerns you may have 

  • NOTE: This session is offered periodically as a group education session at a discounted rate or can be booked as private group offering

3. Follow Up Consultation:

  • Scheduled as needed to help support you with the initial treatment plan and/or address new concerns. 


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